Andrew Brightman Potter

Andrew Brightman PotterAndrew Brightman Potter
b. 1816 (Westport, Massachusetts)
m. 1840 (Hector, New York)
d. 1903 (West Newton, Massachusetts)

John A Potter and Ruth Potter

Ira Potter
John Avery Potter
Ezra Potter
Ruth Potter
Andrew Potter
Ira Potter
Andrew Brightman Potter
Ruth Potter
Rhoda Ann Potter
Abner Potter
Patience Potter

Abner Potter and Patience Macomber
Thomas Potter and Ruth Hart

Aunts & Uncles:
Via Father:
Freelove Potter ; Nathaniel Potter ; Margaret Potter ; Abner Potter ; Ephraim Potter ; Abner Potter ; Philip Potter ; Joshua Potter
Via Mother:
Restcome Potter ; Deborah Potter -- And Ruth's Half Siblings: Nancy Potter

Andrew Brightman Potter
Granny is Jennie Sue Potter
Andrew Brightman Potter Obituary
Eliza Ann Pike


Elizabeth Amelia Potter
Charles Andrew Potter
John Avery Potter 1858–1931
Etta Potter (Adopted)
and Great Niece Rebecca T Hoag

Andrew became guardian for his brother John's grand-daughter (Andrew's niece Margaret's daughter) after all Rebecca's siblings died suddenly in 1876.

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