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======Charles Tripp Potter======

>>@@**Charles Tripp Potter**{{image url="" title="Charles Tripp Potter" alt="Charles Tripp Potter" width="300" class="middle" link=""}}@@>>b. 14 Aug 1842 (Hector, New York)
m. 1867 (Hector, New York)
d. 1 Jul 1913 (Hector, New York)

**[[JohnAveryPotter|John Avery Potter]]** and **[[RebekahTripp|Rebekah Tripp]]**

**[[MargaretKirbyPotter|Margaret Kirby Potter]]**
Charles Tripp Potter

Aunts & Uncles:
Via Father:
**[[IraPotter|Ira Potter]]**
**[[EzraPotter|Ezra Potter]]**
**[[RuthPotter|Ruth Potter]]**
**[[AndrewPotter|Andrew Potter]]**
**[[IraPotter|Ira Potter]]**
**[[AndrewBrightmanPotter|Andrew Brightman Potter]]**
**[[RuthPotter|Ruth Potter]]**
**[[RhodaAnnPotter|Rhoda Ann Potter]]**
**[[AbnerPotter|Abner Potter]]**
**[[PatiencePotter|Patience Potter]]**
Via Mother:
**[[SarahTripp|Sarah Tripp]]**
**[[ElizabethTripp|Elizabeth Tripp]]**
**[[PhilipJarvisTripp|Philip Jarvis Tripp]]**
**[[UnnamedMaleTripp|Infant Male Tripp]]**
**[[AzariahShoveTripp|Azariah Shove Tripp]]**
**[[EdmundWoodTripp|Edmund Wood Tripp]]**

**[[EuniceAStilwell|Eunice A Stilwell]]**
Eunice's parents: **[[IraIsaacStilwellSr|Ira Isaac Stilwell, Sr]]** and **[[DebrahTurner|Deborah Turner]]**
2nd wife: **[[TirzahLCooper|Tirzah L Cooper Fish]]**

**[[WilliamHPotter|William Henry (Houghtailing) Potter]]**
--Adopted by 1876, Last name orig. Houghtailing.
**[[JennieSuePotter|Jennie Sue Potter]]**
Jennie Sue's husband: **[[FredericCoddingtonUpdike|Frederic Coddington Updike]]**

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