Eunice A Stilwell

Eunice A StilwellEunice A Stilwell
b. 3 Jul 1843 (Hector, New York)
m. 1867 (Hector, New York)
d. 31 Mar 1906 (Hector, New York)

Ira Isaac Stilwell, Sr and Deborah Turner


Jane A Stilwell
Jane's husband: Daniel Ayers Spaulding
James Stilwell
James' wife: Susan Campbell
Susan Maranda Stilwell
Susan's husband: Alexander G Bower
Harriet Stilwell
Harriet's husband: Gabriel Wortman
Salina Stilwell
d. age twenty unwed
John Wesley Stilwell
John's wife: Celestia Christfield
Evaline A Stilwell
Evaline's husband: Tunis S Smith
Elihu Ring Stilwell
Elihu's wife: Helen G Stilwell
Eunice A Stilwell
Ira Isaac Stilwell, Jr
Ira, Jr's wife: Susan Boyd

James J. Stilwell II and Harriett W Holmes
Dennis Turner and Jane (Unknown)

Eunice A Stilwell and Siblings
Ira Isaac Stilwell and Debora Turner's Family
Standing: John Wesley - Evaline Stilwell Smith - Ira Jr. ?? - Eunice Stilwell Potter. Sitting: Harriet Stilwell Wortman - James ?? - Elihu Ring Stilwell - Susan Stilwell Bower. MISSING: Jane (d.1855) and Salina (d.1860). This might date the photo between 1860 and 1876, when James, who is pictured, died.
Aunts & Uncles:
Via Father:
Via Mother:

Charles Tripp Potter
Charles' parents: John Avery Potter and Rebekah Tripp

William Henry (Houghtailing) Potter
--Adopted before 1875, Last name orig. Houghtailing.
Jennie Sue Potter
Jennie Sue's husband: Frederic Coddington Updike

Taped to verso of Stilwell Family Photo, Eunice Updike McWilliams wrote:
“The picture of the Stilwells you have, Ted Pearsall called and told me the names.
His grandmother (Evaline) and mine (Eunice) looked alike and wore dresses just alike.”

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