Jennie Sue Potter

Jennie Sue Potter
Jennie Sue Potter
b. 20 Aug 1876 (Perry City, Hector, New York)
m. 2 Dec 1896 (Perry City, Hector, New York)
d. 24 Aug 1969 (Trumansburg, New York)

Charles Tripp Potter and Eunice A Stilwell
Charles' 2nd wife: Tirzah L Cooper Fish

William Henry (Houghtailing) Potter
--Adopted by 1875, Last name orig. Houghtailing.
Jennie Sue Potter

John Avery Potter and Rebekah Tripp
Ira Isaac Stilwell, Sr. and Deborah Turner

Aunts & Uncles:
Via Father:
Margaret's husband: Marble B Hoag
Via Mother:
Jane's husband: Daniel Ayers Spaulding
James' wife: Susan Campbell
Susan's husband: Alexander G Bower
Harriet's husband: Gabriel Wortman
d. age twenty unwed
John's wife: Celestia Christfield
Evaline's husband: Tunis S Smith
Elihu's wife: Helen G Stilwell
Ira, Jr's wife: Susan Boyd

Frederic Coddington Updike
Fred's parents: John H Updike and Sarah Ann Coddington

Frederic, Jr. and Eunice Updike
Eunice And Frederic Updike
Eunice Frederica Wilhelmina Updike
Eunice's husband: James Daniel McWilliams
Frederic Updike, Jr.
Frederic's wife: Amelia Virginia Brablc


Granny was raised in the traditional Quaker fashion of the time, and lived to witness the birth of her first six great grandchildren.

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