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Jennie Sue Potter

Jennie Sue Potter

b. 1876 (Hector, New York)
m. 1896 (Hector, New York)
d. 1969 (Trumansburg, New York)

Charles Tripp Potter and Eunice A Stilwell

William Henry (Houghtailing) Potter
--Adopted by 1876, Last name orig. Houghtailing.
Jennie Sue Potter

John Avery Potter and Rebekah Tripp
Ira Isaac Stilwell, Sr. and Deborah Turner

Aunts & Uncles:
Via Father:
Via Mother:
Jane A Stilwell ; James Stilwell ; Susan Maranda Stilwell ; Harriet Stilwell ; Salina Stilwell ; John Wesley Stilwell ; Evaline A Stilwell ; Elihu Ring Stilwell ; Ira Isaac Stilwell Jr.

Frederic Coddington Updike

Eunice Frederica Wilhelmina Updike
Eunice's husband: James Daniel McWilliams
Frederic Updike, Jr.
Frederic's wife: Amelia Virginia Brablc


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