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Via Father: **[[EdwardLounsburyStilwell|Edward Lounsbury Stilwell]]** ; **[[StephenStilwell|Stephen Stilwell]]** ; **[[RichardLounsburyStilwell|Richard Lounsbury Stilwell]]** ; **[[JohnLounsburyStilwell|John Lounsbury Stilwell]]** ; **[[JacobStillwell|Jacob Stillwell]]** ; **[[MaryPollyStillwell|Mary (Polly) Stillwell]]** ; **[[CorneliusStilwell|Cornelius Stilwell]]** ; **[[ThomasStilwell|Thomas Stilwell]]** ; **[[ElizabethStilwell|Elizabeth Stilwell]]** ; **[[HesterStilwell|Hester Stilwell]]** ; **[[JaneCStillwell|Jane C Stillwell]]** ; **[[MatildaStilwell|Matilda Stilwell]]**
Via Father:
**[[EdwardLounsburyStilwell|Edward Lounsbury Stilwell]]** ; Stephen Stilwell ; Richard Lounsbury Stilwell ; John Lounsbury Stilwell ; Jacob Stillwell ; Mary (Polly) Stillwell ; Cornelius Stilwell ; Thomas Stilwell ; Elizabeth Stilwell ; Hester Stilwell ; Jane C Stillwell ; Matilda Stilwell

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Lyman Reynolds Stilwell
Salina Smith Stilwell
Eugenia Stilwell
Eugene Stilwell
General Philip Sheridan Stilwell

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**[[HelenGStilwell|Helen G Stilwell ]]**

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**[[ ]]** and **[[ ]]**
**[[JaneEReynolds|Jane E Reynolds]]**
Janes's parents: **[[ ]]** and **[[ ]]**
--- --- --- --- --- ----PotterFamily StilwellFamily TurnerFamily UpdikeFamily SmithFamily PearsallFamily ReynoldsFamily
**[[JohnHolmes|John Holmes]]** and **[[HannahGillett|Hannah Gillett]]**
**[[DeborahTurner|Deborah Turner]]**
Deborah's parents: **[[DennisTurner|Dennis Turner]]** and **[[JaneUnknownTurner|Jane (Unknown)]]**
**[[JaneAStilwell|Jane A Stilwell]]**
Jane's husband: **[[DanielAyersSpaulding|Daniel Ayers Spaulding]]**
**[[JamesStilwell|James Stilwell]]**
James' wife: **[[SusanCampbell|Susan Campbell]]**
**[[SusanMarandaStilwell|Susan Maranda Stilwell]]**
Susan's husband: **[[AlexanderGeorgeBower|Alexander George Bower]]**
**[[HarrietStilwell|Harriet Stilwell]]**
Harriet's husband: **[[GabrielWortman|Gabriel Wortman]]**
**[[SalinaStilwell|Salina Stilwell]]**
**[[JohnWesleyStilwell|John Wesley Stilwell]]**
John's wife: **[[CelestiaChristfield|Celestia Christfield]]**
**[[EvalineAStilwell|Evaline A Stilwell]]**
Evaline's husband: **[[TunisSSmith|Tunis S Smith]]**
**[[ElihuRingStilwell|Elihu Ring Stilwell]]**
Elihu's wife: **[[HelenGStilwell|Helen G Stilwell]]**
**[[EuniceAStilwell|Eunice A Stilwell]]**
Eunice's husband: **[[CharlesTrippPotter|Charles Tripp Potter]]**
**[[IraIsaacStilwellJr|Ira Isaac Stilwell, Jr]]**
Ira's wife: **[[SusanBoyd|Susan Boyd]]**
Taped to verso of the **[[StilwellFamily|Stilwell Family]]** Photo above, **[[EuniceUpdikeMcWilliams|Eunice Updike McWilliams]]** wrote:
“The picture of the Stilwells you have, **[[CharlesEdwardPearsall|Ted Pearsall]]** called and told me the names.
His grandmother (**[[EvalineAStilwell|Evaline]]**) and mine (**[[EuniceAStilwell|Eunice]]**) looked alike and wore dresses just alike.”
--- --- --- --- --- ----PotterFamily StilwellFamily TurnerFamily UpdikeFamily SmithFamily PearsallFamily

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m. 5 Feb 1851 (Hector, New York)
m. 1827 (Hector, New York)

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**[[IraIsaacStilwellSr|Ira Isaac Stilwell, Sr]]**
John Fiddler Stilwell
Ira Isaac Stilwell, Sr
**[[JohnFiddlerStilwell|John F Stilwell (Fiddler)]]**

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======John F Stilwell (Fiddler)======
b. 18 Mar 1818 (Hector, New York)
d. 10 Nov 1896 (Hector, New York)
======Ira Isaac Stilwell, Sr======
>>@@**Ira Isaac Stilwell Sr and Deborah Turner's Children**{{image url="" title="Ira Isaac Stilwell and Debora Turner's Family" alt="Ira Isaac Stilwell and Debora Turner's Family" width="300" class="middle" link=""}}
Standing: John Wesley - Evaline Stilwell Smith - Ira Jr. ?? - Eunice Stilwell Potter. Sitting: Harriet Stilwell Wortman - James ?? - Elihu Ring Stilwell - Susan Stilwell Bower. MISSING: Jane (d.1855) and Salina (d.1860). This might date the photo between 1860 and 1876, when James, who is pictured, died.@@>>b. 15 Aug 1807 (Hector, New York)
d. 9 Mar 1877 (Hector, New York)

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