John Leonard Coddington

John Leonard CoddingtonJohn Leonard Coddington
b. 1824
m. 1847
d. 1865

John Merlin Coddington and Sarah Salley Owen
John Merlin's 2nd wife Elizabeth M Davis

Aaron Owen Coddington
Lewis Coddington
Jonathan Owen Coddington
George Whitman Coddington
Lucinda Coddington
William Merlin Coddington (twin)
Jane S Coddington (twin)
Sarah Maria Coddington "Sally" (John's twin)
John Leonard Coddington
Betsey Coddington
Susan Miranda Coddington
John Case Coddington

Benjamin Coddington and Maria Osterhout
Lt. Jonathan Owen and Eleanor Katherine Kortright

Aunts & Uncles:
Via Father:
Mary C Coddington ; Susan Coddington ; Benjamin Coddington ; Zachariah Coddington ; Hannah Coddington ; Lydia Coddington ; Catherine Coddington ; Anne Ware Coddington ; Jacob Hardenburg Coddington ; Sophia Bruyn Coddington ; Betsey Coddington ; Sarah Coddington ; Maria Coddington ; Benjamin Coddington Jr ; Stephen Coddington
Via Mother:

Rebecca Ann Sutphen

Sarah Ann Coddington
Sarah's husband: John H Updike
William H Coddington
Luwella Coddington
Mary Coddington

Frederic Coddington Updike
Fred's wife: Jennie Sue Potter


John's and Rebecca's grandmothers were both Kortrights, cousins to one another. Their cousin Elizabeth married President James Monroe.

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