Kate Maria Stilwell

Aunt Kate's Hand-painted Tea SetAunt Kate's Hand-painted Tea Set
b. 20 Apr 1852 (Hector, New York)
m. 18 Feb 1874 (Hector, New York)
d. 30 Jan 1939 (Hector, New York)

Lewis Morgan Stilwell and Rachel H Heath

Pvt. Schuyler G Stilwell
Isaac Lewis Stilwell
Kate Maria Stilwell

James J Stilwell II and Harriett W Holmes
Unknown Heath and Maria Hornbeck

Aunts & Uncles:
Via Father:

Via Mother:
Rachel's family has been difficult to trace. (Heath could possibly be a last name of first husband, rather than father)

Ossian Sears

Dr. Keith Sears
Keith's 1st wife: Kathleen DeForest Montgomery
Keith's 2nd wife: Lydia Lorinda Godfrey
Woodard Wixom Sears
Woodard's wife: Agnes Hayden
Winifred Budd Sears
Winifred's husband: Richard Price Davis

Philip Rider Sears
Allyn Boardman Sears

Ida Catherine Sears
Hayden Fairbairn Sears

No Davis grandchildren found

"Aunt Kate" and Jennie Sue Potter Updike were second cousins.

The Tea Set and Dishes passed to me through "Aunt" Lydia Godfrey Sears after Dr. Keith's death. Lydia passed them to Jennie Sue Potter Updike. Also, Lydia gave a cup and saucer from this set to Jennie Sue's young granddaughter, Patsy McWilliams, one Christmas as a gift, Signed: To Patsy ; From Lydia.

Also inherited some of Kate's old set of Limoges china -- Charles Field Haviland: Castiglione Pattern. Plates, bowls, cups, saucers, platter, ramekins, etc.

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