Margaret Kirby Potter

Gravesite of Margaret Kirby Potter Hoag and FamilyMargaret Kirby Potter
b. 13 Sep 1832 (Westport, Massachusetts)
m. 21 Feb 1856 (Hector, New York)
d. 24 Dec 1891 (Perry City, Hector, New York)

John Avery Potter and Rebekah Tripp

Margaret Kirby Potter
Charles Tripp Potter

Aunts & Uncles:
Via Father:
Ira Potter ; Ezra Potter ; Ruth Potter ; Andrew Potter ; Ira Potter ; Andrew Brightman Potter ; Ruth Potter ; Rhoda Ann Potter ; Abner Potter ; Patience Potter
Via Mother:
Sarah Tripp ; Elizabeth Tripp -- And Rebekah's Half Siblings: Philip Jarvis Tripp ; male Tripp ; Azariah Shove Tripp ; Edmund Wood Tripp

Marble B Hoag

Philip T Hoag
Elizabeth B Hoag "Lizzie"
Rodney F Hoag
Rebecca T Hoag
Mary C Hoag
Anna E Hoag
Unknown Hoag

Note: All Margaret's and Marble's children, save Rebecca, died of diphtheria within the span of 3 months, in the spring of 1876. First born Philip died of Scarlet Fever just before his first birthday, 1859.

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