Rebecca T Hoag

Gravesite of Rebecca Hoag and FamilyMarble B Hoag
b. 1868 (Perry City, Hector, New York)
d. 1900 (Newton, Massachusetts)

Marble B Hoag and Margaret Kirby Potter

Philip T Hoag
Elizabeth B Hoag "Lizzie"
Rodney F Hoag
Rebecca T Hoag
Mary C Hoag
Anna E Hoag
Unknown Hoag

Aunts & Uncles:
Via Father:

Via Mother:

Note: Middle name is likely Tripp, named after her maternal grandmother. All siblings, save Rebecca, died of diphtheria within the span of 3 months, in the spring of 1876. First born Philip died of Scarlet Fever just before his first birthday, 1859.

Rebecca was sent to Westport, Massachusetts to live with her Great Uncle, Andrew Brightman Potter, shortly after the rapid deaths of all her siblings in 1876.

Rebecca likely never married. Rebecca died young from a heart condition, possibly brought on from surviving diphtheria, though I do not know she had it specifically, it is odd she passed of a heart condition known to be a problem to those who had survived the infection.

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