Unnamed Infant Hoag

Gravesite of the Hoag FamilyMarble B Hoag
b. 1875 (Perry City, Hector, New York)
d. 1876 (Perry City, Hector, New York)

Marble B Hoag and Margaret Kirby Potter

Philip T Hoag
Elizabeth B Hoag "Lizzie"
Rodney F Hoag
Rebecca T Hoag
Mary C Hoag
Anna E Hoag
Unnamed Hoag

Aunts & Uncles:
Via Father:

Via Mother:

Note: All siblings, save Rebecca, died of diphtheria within the span of 3 months, in the spring of 1876.

First born Philip died of Scarlet Fever just before his first birthday, 1859.

I am not sure this unnamed Hoag child was buried here, but it is a good guess.

This child is mentioned in the census of 1875, but not mentioned in 1876 news articles at the time noting the siblings' deaths, so I am not certain this "un-named" Hoag baby died of diphtheria. It is likely he died in 1875 before any of the others became ill.

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