William Henry (Houghtailing) Potter

William Henry (Houghtailing) PotterWilliam Henry (Houghtailing) Potter
b. 6 Oct 1871 (Hector, New York)
m. 1914 (Chicago, Illinois)
m. 1920 Chicago, Illinois)
d. 12 Aug 1951 (Chicago, Illinois)

Parents: Unknown
Adopted by:

William Henry (Houghtailing) Potter
--Adopted by 1875, Last name orig. Houghtailing.
Jennie Sue Potter
Jennie Sue's husband: Frederic Coddington Updike

Grandparents: Unknown
Adoptive Grandparents:

Aunts & Uncles:
Via Father:
Margaret's husband: Marble B Hoag
Via Mother:
Jane's husband: Daniel Ayers Spaulding
James' wife: Susan Campbell
Susan's husband: Alexander G Bower
Harriet's husband: Gabriel Wortman
d. age twenty unwed
John's wife: Celestia Christfield
Evaline's husband: Tunis S Smith
Elihu's wife: Helen G Stilwell
Ira, Jr's wife: Susan Boyd
Anna Emeline Bullis d. 1918.
Ella Shannon

Children: No known children.

It is possible that William was not born in Hector, but a good guess.

1875 census lists last name as Houghtailing, birthplace as unknown, and relation to the Potters as Boarder.

1880 census lists last name as Potter, and relationship box is left blank. Jennie Sue is listed, with relationship, daughter, noted.

There are several variant spellings of Houghtailing to be found.

Also, this photo might not be of Willie, but it is a strong hunch.

Sometime around 1897 William moved to Albany and eventually enlisted with the army just before the Spanish-American War. Perhaps spurred on by the yellow journalism of Hearst and Pulitzer.

He reƫnlisted in 1900 and moved to Detroit, Michigan.

Granny never mentioned having a brother, adopted or otherwise. Curious he was never mentioned, at all ... ever ...

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