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======Rebecca T Hoag======

>>@@**Gravesite of Rebecca Hoag and Family**{{image url="" title="Marble B Hoag" alt="Marble B Hoag" width="300" class="middle" link=""}}@@>>b. 1868 (Perry City, Hector, New York)
d. 1900 (Newton, Massachusetts)

**[[MarbleBHoag|Marble B Hoag]]** and **[[MargaretKirbyPotter|Margaret Kirby Potter]]**

**[[PhilipTHoag|Philip T Hoag]]**
**[[ElizabethBHoag|Elizabeth B Hoag "Lizzie"]]**
**[[RodneyFHoag|Rodney F Hoag]]**
Rebecca T Hoag
**[[MaryCHoag|Mary C Hoag]]**
**[[AnnaEHoag|Anna E Hoag]]**
**[[UnknownHoag|Unknown Hoag]]**

Aunts & Uncles:
Via Father:
**[[Martha E Hoag|Martha E Hoag]]** ; **[[Mary E Hoag|Mary E Hoag]]** ; **[[Augustus S Hoag|Augustus S Hoag]]**

Via Mother:
**[[CharlesTrippPotter|Charles Tripp Potter]]**

Note: Middle name is likely Tripp, named after her maternal grandmother. All siblings, save Rebecca, died of diphtheria within the span of 3 months, in the spring of 1876. First born Philip died of Scarlet Fever just before his first birthday, 1859.

Rebecca was sent to Westport, Massachusetts to live with her Great Uncle, **[[AndrewBrightmanPotter|Andrew Brightman Potter]]**, shortly after the rapid deaths of all her siblings in 1876.

Rebecca likely never married. Rebecca died young from a heart condition, possibly brought on from surviving diphtheria, though I do not know she had it specifically, it is odd she passed of a heart condition known to be a problem to those who had survived the infection.

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